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More Than You'll Ever Know

Trade Paperback
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August 2022
About the book: 
Lore Rivera loved two men, until one of them shot the other. A stunning debut novel of love, marriage and murder
Lore Rivera was married to two men at once. She led a secret double life - until one man shot the other.
That's the story the world knows.
But true-crime writer Cassie Bowman wants to know more - about the mysterious woman at the heart of it all, and about what really happened the night of that tragic murder.
How did Lore lead two lives? How did it feel when it all came crashing down?
Cassie is surprised that Lore is willing to talk. But as what really happened that fateful summer of 1986 unfurls, will either woman be prepared when the truth comes to light?
About the Author

Katie Gutierrez has an MFA from Texas State University, and has written for  Harper's Bazaar,  the  Washington PostLongreads,  and more. She was born and raised in Laredo, Texas, a city on the U.S.-Mexico border, and now lives in San Antonio with her husband and two young children. She finished writing this novel days before delivering her second child, who turned out to be quite the good luck charm.

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