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My Book of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

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February 2021
About the book: 

Travel back in time to find out about the fantastical wildlife that lived on Earth before we did.

From the first living cells to fearsome dinosaurs and giant mammals, take a journey through prehistory to find out about the supersized, the scary, and the downright bizarre animals and plants that inhabited Earth in ancient times. Broken down by plant or animal type, there are profiles on 50 key species, with famous favourites such as mighty Tyrannosaurus and huge woolly mammoths, as well as lesser-known organisms, including sail-backed Dimetrodon and aeroplane-sized pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus.

Learn about the primeval world itself and how the Earth has changed over time, how fossils form, and the arrival of early humans. Detailed artworks bring the past to life, while pronunciation guides help with tricky names, and a visual index provides a quick overview of all the key species in the book.

My Book of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life  is an ideal first book about early plants and animals, and is sure to be a hit with fact-obsessed young fans of all things dinosaurs and other prehistoric life.

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