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Mynie Plays With Fire

Trade Paperback
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September 2021
About the book: 
As Mynie Steffens admits herself, she is a self-confessed braai addict and has been cooking over fire since the age of 10! She says: ‘Everything tastes so much better when it’s cooked over fire…I find any reason possible, to organise an epic, all-day braai.’
Using her experience gained on a travel and braai cooking TV show called ‘Speel met vuur’ and catering for private braai events, often with a braai-tasting menu, Mynie decided to play with these ideas even further, resulting in this cookbook of braai-tasting menus as the best braai entertainment ever. From the menu themes, to the accompanying music playlists and fun facts, never forgetting the delicious and often quirky recipes themselves, Mynie invites you to have fun as you play with your braais.
So whether you’re a braai virgin or you consider yourself a braai expert, why not join the party and learn new tricks the Mynie way.
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About the Author
Mynie Steffens started cooking over fire when she was 10 years old and she hasn’t stopped. She has a braai cooking show on Via where she travels through the country, cooking weird foods over fire and meeting some very interesting people. She has also hosted international braai tasting events, as well as local ones.

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