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No Fries on Us: Cutting Darren Scott Down to Size

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September 2012
About the book: 

'I'd tried the pill method, I'd tried dieting, I'd flirted very occasionally with exercise, and nothing had kept my weight consistent, let alone my lifestyle healthy. Could this be the elusive method that would trim me down, keep my weight stable, and hold off cardiac arrest for a decade or two longer?' Darren Scott. The health magazines under your bed are gathering dust and your gym membership fees have become a bit like your bank charges - you're not really sure why you're paying them. You know you shouldn't, but those pies they sell at the garage are really good and a six pack over a weekend is a way to wind down. OK, you're not exactly actively fighting the flab right now but it's hardly over-indulging, is it? What do you mean I should be thinking about dieting? I thought you liked my love handles ...Sound familiar? Celebrity Darren Scott has been in that same boat - and yet he managed to lose more than 40 kg within just a few months. His secret? A dash of discipline - and the inspiring influence of Lisa Raleigh, whose sheer passion for a healthy lifestyle can unveil the streamlined yacht in every sinking barge ...This book is a no-holds-barred account of Darren's inspiring weight-loss journey - filled with exercising tips, healthy diet alternatives and detailed information on discovering (and sustaining! ) a healthier, trimmer body.