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Our Italian Legacy of Love

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September 2021
About the book: 
What do you get when you add a little Italian, a little South African and a whole lot of love?
A legacy of classic yet contemporary dishes from the Café del Sol family kitchen. Chiara and Ryan have transferred the treasured memories of both their nonnas, as well as their mama, Luciana, to the tables of Café del Sol, and now this cookbook. 
Basking in a combined Italian and South African heritage, this family knows how to put their heart and soul into presenting the most scrumptious food to their guests, and now you, the reader. From colazione (breakfast) and antipasto (appetisers), through primo (pasta and risotto) and secondo (main courses), to desserts and cocktails... we challenge you to page through this book without your appetite roaring to life! 
So step into the kitchen with the Café del Sol famiglia and delight your family and friends by making these dishes in the comfort of your home. Create your own legacy of love with these contemporary Italian recipes. Buon appetito! 
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About the Author
Not everyone grows up in an Italian family with a Nonna renowned for her cooking, who then taught her daughter and her daughter after her…But this is the story of the Viljoen/ Treccani family. For years their mama, Luciana, had catered to make ends meet, and Chiara and Ryan were only too ready to move away from unfulfilling jobs. Wanting to share the love in the form of food and pooling their resources, the three of them opened Café del Sol in Johannesburg in 2007. Despite a plethora of challenges, the restaurant flourished and led to the opening of a second one (Café del Sol Botanico), as well as multiple awards.

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