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Protect our Planet - Take Action with Romario

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September 2022
About the book: 
Meet Romario Valentine, an 11-year-old eco-warrior from Durban, South Africa. Through his tree planting, beach clean-ups, avian art and other conservation projects in Africa and other parts of the world, this young activist has become a dynamic campaigner for the future health of our planet. In Protect our Planet, Romario enthusiastically guides young nature lovers through key environmental topics – from recycling and reforestation to pollution solutions and climate change.
Topics covered in this book overlap with the Foundation Phase curriculum, and include:
  • The relationship between people and the environment
  • Renewable resources, such as solar power
  • Forestation and why trees matter
  • Types of pollution and the problem with plastic
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Climate change
  • The importance of clean water
  • Craft ideas, art activities and backyard projects
Includes step-by-step projects suitable for Foundation Phase learners, such as building a bug hotel, birdfeeder and water filter.

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