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July 2013
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'I always liked your father - he was a lad of spirit. He was clever enough to know the value of an adventure, at any rate, and brave enough to carry it out!' 'What adventure?' I asked, although I already knew the answer. 'Why the map of course, boy!' Long John Silver's voice rose into something of a scream. 'The map and then the treasure across the sea! All the beautiful silver we left there. Your father and I only took what we could carry. But there's more. Silver lying in the ground and the map will tell you where. Think of the fortune waiting for you' With that encouragement, young Jim Hawkins and Silver's daughter Natty set off in the footsteps of their fathers. They are determined to find Captain Flint's hidden treasure. But the thrill of the ocean journey soon gives way to terror as the Nightingale reaches its destination. Treasure Island is not uninhabited as it once was.
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