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The Singing Turtle & Other Folk & Fairy Tales

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September 2021
About the book: 

Was the stranger, who knocked at the city gates during a storm, really a princess?

What kind of friend could a frog be? Read ‘The Frog Prince’ to find out.

If you want to know why the animals were afraid of the proud elephant, Karpuratilaka, read the Indian tale in this collection to find your answer.

Could the turtle really fly? A West Indian folktale reveals how the turtle took to the skies.

Read about the party for the long-tailed animals in author Dianne Stewart’s original African folktale, ‘A Dance in the Moonlight’.

This collection of fairy and folktales from around the world, is beautifully illustrated by Heidi-Kate Greeff and will be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

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About the Author
Dianne Stewart has published a number of Penguin Random House books. They include Wisdom from Africa,  a collection of African proverbs;  Durban in a Word,  which she compiled and edited; and a number of children’s books. These include  The Zebra’s Stripes and other African Animal Tales,  Folktales from Africa  and  The Guinea-Fowl’s Spots and other African Bird Tales.  She has a B.A. Hons in African Languages, a M.A. in South African Literature and a M.A. in Creative Writing.  

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