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September 2018
About the book: 
First there is the killing of the minister of energy. Then the cop investigating the murder commits suicide. Fearing a conspiracy, the minister’s lover hires PI Fish Pescado to find the killer. Then she goes missing. And Fish is being stonewalled by the cops because…
… in the dark shadows of Cape Town there’s another game being played out. A complex one involving Iranian agents, the theft of highly enriched uranium, and the kidnapping of a top scientist. Ex-spy Vicki Kahn is bribed by her former handler to track the terrorists. The hunt is deadly and nothing is what it seems. A sleeper has been awoken.ISIS is involved. So is the CIA. There is chatter of a dirty bomb headed for Europe.
And Vicki is so lost in those constantly changing shadows that even her surfer-boy Fish can’t find her.
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About the Author

Agents of the State is Mike Nicol’s twentieth book. He has written novels, works of non-fiction, and poetry. His thrillers are published in the UK and the USA, and have been translated into Afrikaans, Dutch, French, and German.

His Revenge Trilogy featured in the KrimiZeit top 10 list in Germany, as did Of Cops & Robbers and Power Play, while Payback was shortlisted for the VN Thriller of the Year award in Holland and the Prix SCNF Du Polar 2016 in France. He lives in Cape Town.

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