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Stewart's Quotable Africa

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September 2012
About the book: 
The African continent is home to spectacularly expressive human beings: rebellious anti-colonial and opposition leaders, eloquent novelists, political and social activists, comical geniuses, pensive and philosophical poets and intellectuals, as well as a few raving dictators. And the body of proverbial wisdom from Africa alone could fill many volumes. Despite being eminently quotable, Africa is not so readily quoted. Stewart's Quotable Africa covers the whole of Africa - north to south and east to west - and includes memorable statements from hundreds of speakers including Nelson Mandela, Doris Lessing, Chinua Achebe, Julius Nyerere, Kofi Annan among others, as well as biblical passages and proverbs. Julia Stewart has spent over a decade collecting the 5000 plus quotes found in this book, all of them either by Africans or about African subjects.
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