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The Stolen Lake

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January 2005
About the book: 
Aboard the man o war, the Thrush, on the way back to London from Nantucket , Dido and crew are summoned to the aid of the tyrannical queen of New Cumbria who has appealed to England as her oldest ally for help - someone has stolen her lake. Her island is an infernal place with a suspicious lack of girl children, where birds called Aurocs carry off men and fish eat human flesh, streets are cobbled in silver and thirteen active volcanoes keep the citizens in a state of apprehension. Dido who is abducted twice and has many dangers to overcome, ultimately triumphs and the rightful heir to the throne is in place before the Thrush sets sail once more for London. Fitting in between Nightbirds on Nantucket and Limbo Lodge, this title can be read as an independent story.
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