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The Swordmaster's Apprentice: Or How a Broken Nose, a Shaman and a Little Light Dusting May Point the Way to Enlightenment

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September 2012
About the book: 
Turning his back on the excesses of London in the boom, Edward Burke sets off on a year-long journey of self-discovery, to learn from some of the greatest masters of martial arts. His search for growth through the fighting arts will take him to the academy of Bruce Lee's most famous student, a traditional dojo in Japan, ancient Buddhist temples and a scorching capoeira roda in Brazil. But his greatest challenge will be as the live-in student of the legendary Chiba Sensei - Japanese swordsman, Zen monk and master of aikido. Far from the rarefied world of high finance, he soon finds himself scrubbing the floors of Chiba Sensei's dojo, bruised, scared and exhausted from long days of punishing training. But in the intensity of the training and the formidable presence of his fearsome, charismatic master there may just be something which will make this odd pilgrimage worthwhile. Told with a wry humour, woven with insights, and populated with colourful characters, this is the joyful tale of a year of pain, suffering and menial labour, undertaken for the love of movement and the privilege of learning from the masters.
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