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Tom Clancy's Firing Point

Trade Paperback
Recommended Price 
September 2020
About the book: 
Jack Ryan Jr returns in Tom Clancy's thrilling multi-million copy bestselling series
Finally taking a well-earned break, Jack Ryan Jr is taken by surprise when he runs into old flame Renee Moore in a scenic Barcelona café.
Curiously, Renee is not so pleased to see him. Distracted, she says she's waiting for someone and can't talk. She promises to call him later, and sends him out onto the street.
Which is when the bomb goes off.
There's nothing he can do to save Renee. But as he cradles her, she utters one last word with her final breath: Sammler
Who, or what, does she mean? What trouble has Renee got herself into? When every thread Jack pulls threatens to make the situation ever more dangerous, he realises he's stumbled into an international conspiracy that might be more than even he can handle.
Because Renee isn't the first to die. And she won't be the last...

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