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The Ultimate Salad Book

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October 2021
About the book: 

As author Chantal Lascaris says, it’s time for the salad to take centre stage! Traditionally salads have been viewed as side dishes, but those featured in The Ultimate Salad Book, are anything but as they move boldly into the realm of main dishes. And nobody knows better how to achieve this than Chantal as she presents this delicious collection featuring international flavours to the South African kitchen. Although the salads are simple, they are nourishing and boast plenty of nutrient-dense ingredients including leafy green vegetables, whole grains, seafood, poultry, beans, nuts and fruit. What’s more, they can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert.

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About the Author

Chantal Lascaris is a successful businesswoman who has a hand in several entrepreneurial ventures. After her short stint in advertising, she entered the fashion industry designing and manufacturing hotel uniforms for hotels in Africa and the Middle East. She now owns a Sorbet Beauty Salon in Somerset West, is a qualified pilates fitness instructor and has just completed her second cookbook titled All Sorts of Healthy Dishes, due to be published by Struik Lifestyle in October.

All Sorts of Healthy Dishes is a culmination of Chantal’s family history, her culinary trips abroad and her passion for maintaining optimum health. For as long as she can remember, she’s had a fascination with food and beauty, and the irrefutable link between the two.  “I strongly feel that what you eat impacts what’s happening to your body both internally and externally.” Her new cookbook is a follow-up to All Sorts of Salads with strong emphasis on the healthy Mediterranean way of eating. It focuses on a nutritious lifestyle which she’s rediscovered through her family background.

Chantal has always been intrigued by the longevity and general health of communities in the Mediterranean, and travelled to France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Morocco to learn more about the diets of these countries. She spent quite some time with local vendors at food markets and eateries; she visited people’s homes and even lived in Southern France for a bit. “I learnt so much from these experiences; from the Bouquei in Barcelona to the vibrant spice markets of Marrakesh. I also spent time in North Africa and Turkey – people often forget these also form part of the Mediterranean! I went on a thorough food journey where I got to experience and understand local ingredients. All of this has been integrated into my new cookbook”. Chantal has adapted the recipes to local produce and availability so that everyone can taste a piece of her culinary adventure. The ingredients used in All Sorts of Healthy Dishes are easily available and easy on the pocket too.

Affordability is not the only highlight of the Mediterranean lifestyle; it’s very doable. It boasts healthy and reasonably priced ingredients that are basic and have fantastic health benefits. “It’s been proven time and time again to help reduce Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, while breaking down elevated levels of cholesterol – all of which are health problems in South Africa. In the past, eating seasonally was the only way to eat. I say it’s now the only way we should eat, both for our own good and the sustainability of the planet.” Chantal has become accustomed to this way of eating and considers it part of her daily lifestyle. “It’s simple, uncomplicated and all about balance.” As a regular entertainer of guests and a lover of good food that the entire family can enjoy, Chantal appreciates the straightforward technique and wholesomeness of the dishes prepared in her cookbook.

When not busy in her beautiful Tuscany inspired kitchen, she’s brainstorming or getting to work on other entrepreneurial projects, all of which are built with a healthy lifestyle in mind. Chantal is also in the process of growing her social media presence which will include a brand new blog creating direct access to her audience. And who knows, maybe another cookbook…

All Sorts of Healthy Dishes features 96 delicious recipes accompanied by mouth-watering food photography. Instead of an expensive travel itinerary, all you need is your kitchen, cooking utensils and a copy of the cookbook. And if you’re planning to invite your friends, there is also a selection of menus to guide you filled with an exciting blend of flavours to make for a wonderfully gratifying meal.

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