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Vintage Minis: Fatherhood

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June 2017
About the book: 

How to be a good father? Children's birthday parties, unsuccessful family holidays, humiliating antenatal music classics: the trials of parenthood are all found in Knausgaard's compelling and honest account of family life. Contrasting moments of enormous love and tenderness towards his children with the boring struggles of domesticity, this is one father's personal experience, and somehow, every father's too. Selected from the book A Man in Love  by Karl Ove Knausgaard.

VINTAGE MINIS: GREAT MINDS. BIG IDEAS. LITTLE BOOKS. Also in the Vintage Minis series: Desire  by Haruki Murakami; Babies  by Anne Enright; Eating  by Nigella Lawson; and, Language  by Xiaolu Guo.

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