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Wild Flowers of Southeast Botswana

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October 2013
About the book: 

Wild Flowers of Southeast Botswana  features 332 of the most common wild flower species occurring in the region. The species have been grouped into nine sections based on the predominant colour of the flower, and a quick visual guide is provided for quickly locating them. Each species account features simple descriptions of the plant, its leaves, flowers and fruit, as well as attractive colour photographs, icons and simple leaf drawings. A nod to the cultural significance of each flower is provided via inclusion of Setswana common names, as well as a ‘Notes’ box, in which the traditional uses of the plants are provided.

'The beauty of Botswana’s wild flowers is something that always strikes the visitor to that beguiling country. These plants, though, have all the subtlety and delicacy of dry-land vegetation. They are not always obvious and dramatic; they may be tucked away and visible only when one gets up close. Gwithie Kirby’s  Wild Flowers of Southeast Botswana  is a magnificent introduction to these beautiful plants. This is a book that anybody who visits Botswana will surely treasure.'  - Alexander McCall Smith

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