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Your Career, Your Life: Fast-track to Success

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September 2012
About the book: 

Doors fly open and opportunities arrive on your doorstep once you start to understand the basic principles of career success. Your career, your life reveals these important foundations and shows that career growth is a process that starts inside you. Success is a direct product of your thoughts, words and actions. While all careers can grow up to a point through consistent hard work, going further requires wisdom, preparation and focus - conscious career management. We all have the potential to turn our dreams into reality, but we need knowledge, tools and a guide. Using an original week-by-week approach to present sometimes difficult concepts in an accessible, often humorous, manner, recruitment specialist Annette Kinnear has produced that guide for South Africans. Drawing on examples from real-life situations and inspiring quotations from an eclectic range of sources, your career, your life imparts wisdom that is applicable not only to career development but also to life as a whole, while avoiding cliches.
The weekly structure and well-chosen activities make it easy to assimilate Kinnear's principles, both intellectually and emotionally, resulting in a title that is both supportive and challenging.

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About the Author

Annette Kinnear grew up in Germany, and has lived in the UK and South Africa. She recalls her first job experiences as periods of utter pennilessness and powerlessness. However, she realised how easy it can be to fast-track careers and build successful businesses with the right know-how. Her background is in recruitment, career management, business management and inspirational leadership. She now runs IRIE Inspiration – a company specialising in career development, corporate inspiration and cross-cultural education.

Penguin published Annette Kinnear's book Your Career, Your Life on the 1st of October 2009.

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