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Odyssey of a South African Opera Singer

Event Date 
13 June 2018
Love Books, Johannesburg


Penguin Random House and Love Books invite you to join us for the book launch of Odyssey of a South African Opera Singer : 

  • Date:  Wednesday, 13 June 2018
  • Time:  18:00 for 18:30
  • Venue:  Love Books
  • Address:  53 Rustenburg Rd, Melville, Johannesburg, 2092
  • RSVP:  Love Books before 8 June on or 011 726 7408


About the Book:

An inspiring story of one man’s rise from poverty and oppression to success and fame in the international world of opera...
It is a difficult undertaking for any human to escape the cycle of poverty, but to do so from one of the world’s most complex political systems, with a brutal history of segregation and deprivation, is nothing short of a miracle. Yet Musa Ngqungwana’s story doesn’t end there. Not only did he manage to extricate himself from his impoverished past, but he found his way to the great opera houses of the world, attaining immense success in an affluent art form that bears no resemblance to his upbringing or culture. Musa’s life and career are proof that any human can overcome the devastating effects of discrimination and poverty.
Odyssey of an African Opera Singer  chronicles Musa’s journey from the townships of South Africa to the world stage. It is a story of hope, showing how humans, no matter their situation, have the opportunity to claim their gifts, develop them and use them to help others in need. A captivating story that will inspire anyone who has ever had a dream...