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Once Upon a Rhinoceros | CPT

Event Date 
11 August 2018
The Book Lounge, Cape Town


Join The Book Lounge and Avril van der Merwe for an exciting reading of her latest book, Once Upon a Rhinoceros

Date: Saturday, 11 August

Time: 11:00

Place: The Book Lounge

Address: 71 Roeland Street, Cnr Buitenkant & Roeland Street, Cape Town

RSVP: or 021 462 2425


About the book:

Rhinoceros has a magnificent horn, which all the animals admire. All, that is, except Hippo. Hippo is jealous of Rhino’s horn, and desperately wants one of her own. While Rhino is asleep, Hippo steals her horn and sets it on her snout. But Hippo quickly discovers that wearing a large and heavy horn brings more problems than rewards. Soon all the other animals are telling her that a rhino horn belongs on a rhinoceros. Hippo starts to doubt her decision, and when she comes face to face with the compassionate Rhino, Hippo understands there is no room in the world for jealousy.