South African Trade Publisher of the Year 2016 & 2017

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Ed Herbst

For Ed Herbst, a love of angling was inculcated when his mother took him to Durban harbour, aged five, and he caught a rock cod. From river fishing with bait, he quickly graduated to spinning for bass. He was in his mid-thirties when he joined the Cape Piscatorial Society (CPS) and started fly-fishing. He soon joined
the CPS committee and started editing its journal, Piscator,  in 1990, which he continued to do until 2010. Ed became a member of the first committee of the Federation of Southern African Flyfishers and, in 2003, he was nominated for its Exemplary Service Award. In 2011 he was made President of the CPS. 

Titles by this author

Fly-fishing is a multifaceted sport that will absorb you in its reality, taking you to...