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Africa Is Not A Country: Breaking Stereotypes of Modern Africa

Trade Paperback
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May 2022
About the book: 
Definitive proof that Africa is *not* a country. A lively, entertaining and informative portrait of modern Africa that pushes back against harmful stereotypes to tell a more comprehensive, personal story.
'This book should be on the curriculum.'  - Nikki May, author of Wahala
Africa Is Not A Country  is a bright portrait of modern Africa that pushes back against harmful stereotypes to tell a more comprehensive story.
You already know these stereotypes. So often Africa is depicted simplistically as an arid red landscape of famines and safaris, uniquely plagued by poverty and strife.
In this funny and insightful book, Dipo Faloyin offers a much-needed corrective. He examines each country's colonial heritage, and explores a wide range of subjects, from chronicling urban life in Lagos and the lively West African rivalry over who makes the best Jollof rice, to the story of democracy in seven dictatorships and the dangers of stereotypes in popular culture.
By turns intimate and political, Africa Is Not A Country  brings the story of the continent towards reality, celebrating the energy and fabric of its different cultures and communities in a way that has never been done before.

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