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Dig Your Heels In: Navigate Corporate BS and Build the Company You Deserve

Trade Paperback
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July 2019
About the book: 
Dig Your Heels In  is a playbook that empowers women to win at the corporate achievement game and be a catalyst for positive progress. It tackles the critical need to engage, advance and retain women in the workplace, for the financial success of the business and for the benefit of their women employees.
This is the first book of its kind to truly arm women to hold their ground and play the long game, staying and advancing in corporate careers. If the reader Digs Her Heels In at the company that pays her paycheck today, she can transform the company into the one that she deserves, for herself and for future generations of women entering the workforce.  Dig Your Heels In  is the roadmap that shows women how increasing their breadth of experience gives them more power to identify opportunities for and effect innovative and equitable change. 
This book is critical for women from the entry level to the executive level. Dig Your Heels In is also a critical resource for leaders in the C-suite and those leading Human Resources, Talent Management and on the front lines of recruitment who can drive enterprise wide changes to build programs that strengthen engagement and retention. Every reader will learn the ten big bold moves to achieve the career they desire and build the company and culture they deserve.

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