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e - Pocket Guide to Mushrooms of South Africa

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December 2012
About the book: 

Neither plant nor animal, mushrooms or fungi are mysterious organisms that range in size from microscopic to over a metre wide. Fungus groups are amazingly diverse and in South Africa alone there are estimated to be more than 171 500 species.

Pocket guide: Mushrooms of South Africa features a selection of the species more commonly found in the region, and will enable enthusiasts to identify these mushrooms in the field. Easy to use and compact, this pocket guide will prove invaluable on outings into the countryside.

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About the Author
Marieka Gryzenhout (PhD) is a lecturer in the Department of Genetics at the University of the Free State and a member of various mycological associations. She is the author and co-author of numerous scientific papers and books on fungi, including the popular Field Guide to Mushrooms and other Fungi of South Africa.
She passionately promotes an interest in the subject among nature lovers via

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