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Green-eyed Thieves

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July 2006
About the book: 
A mind-boggling tale of inspired crime and brotherly betrayel told by Firoze Peer - amateur philosopher and mystic, artful memoirist, green-eyed conspirator.
Born into a crooked Johannesburg family and raised in the tradition of family solidarity and trust, Firoze and his identical twin brother, Ashraf, are employed from an early age in the family business. Firoze has the finer mind - he keeps the books and is encouraged to study mathematics by his uncle, Ten Percent Farouk. Ashraf has a talent for drawing which is, initially, put to use in the diamond trade in the creation of counterfeit certificates of rare artistry.
From such beginnings, the brothers' lives progress through experiences that span the globe: from a masterful heist at Sun City to a wild pursuit on the Pakistan border to forging passports for terrorists to stealing expensive suits at a Monaco hotel to appearing at the White House under false pretences.
Green-eyed Thieves has everything a reader could want: fast-paced action, a startling conclusion, and an investigation of the most frightening idea that Firoze can imagine: the idea that all men are brothers. More than that, it offers a pleasure that may well be greater than the illicit joys of the brothers' lives - the bliss of language.
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About the Author
Imraan Coovadia is the author of the novels The Wedding, Green-Eyed Thieves, High Low In-between, The Institute for Taxi Poetry, Tales of the Metric System,  and  A Spy in Time.  He has also published a study of VS Naipaul, as well as a collection of essays,  Transformations,  and has contributed to publications including The New York Times,  the  Los Angeles Review of Books, N+1, The Independent, Threepenny Review, Chimurenga,  and  The Times of India.  He is a winner of the Sunday Times Fiction Prize, the University of Johannesburg Prize, the M-Net Prize, and a South African Literary Award for Non-Fiction. A graduate of Harvard College, he directs the creative writing programme at the University of Cape Town.

Photo credit: Victor Dlamini

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