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Home Cooking

Trade Paperback
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November 2021
About the book: 

Home Cooking  is Herman Lensing’s sixth cookbook and follows the highly successful Dit Proe Soos Huis (Human & Rousseau), published in 2019 and 2020 winner of the SA Boekprys best nonfiction title. Home Cooking  tells the story – in his own words – of Herman’s 34 years. Unlike his previous books, this one also sees him sharing friends’ recipes, as well as many he discovered during his journeys throughout South Africa.

There are more than 80 recipes, from breakfast to main courses, from side dishes to meat dishes, from cakes, biscuits and rusks to desserts (such as trifle, ice cream and even bazaar pudding). Each chapter reflects Herman’s love of food and people, accompanied by entertaining anecdotes. The recipes are totally unpretentious, featuring ingredients that are available anywhere in the country. Home Cooking invites you into Herman’s kitchen, to prepare food anyone can cook.

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About the Author
Herman Lensing grew up in Upington in the Northern Cape. He qualified as a chef from the Institute of Culinary Arts (ICA) in Stellenbosch, and was appointed food editor of Sarie magazine at the tender age of 22. Since 2017 he has also been the editor of Sarie kos. Herman is a wellknown TV personality due to his popular series such as Inspirasiekos met Sarie, Okkasie Inspirasie, Dit proe soos huis, Herman se mikro-geheime and Herman se kortpaaie on DStv’s lifestyle channel, VIA. He has won the sought-after Galliova award for South Africa’s top food writer in 2010 and 2017, and a SAFTA for Dit proe soos huis. Herman has also tackled a few stage productions with Marinda Engelbrecht (finalist for the Kokkedoor reality series in 2013), and featured at festivals such as Aardklop, Woordfees and KKNK. Home Cooking is his sixth cookbook and is also available in Afrikaans as Huiskos. His other cookbooks are  Voorskoot,  Nóg ’n voorskoot,  In my kitchen30 and  Dit Proe Soos Huis, all best sellers.

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