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Mugabe and the White African

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October 2011
About the book: 
Since President Mugabe began his violent land-seizure programme in 2000, thousands of white farmers and their families have been forced to abandon all they own and flee Zimbabwe. But Ben Freeth, and his father-in-law, farmer Mike Campbell, who had owned and worked the land of their home for over 30 years, were determined to take a stand. They fought a desperate battle against Mugabe through the international courts; it was a fight that almost cost them everything.
Mugabe and the White African is a first-hand account of the madness that engulfed Zimbabwe, where Mugabe’s men destroyed farmland, stole equipment, slaughtered animals, burnt down houses, intimidated the workers, and beat or murdered the farmers. It is a heartbreaking story of trauma and tragedy, and a tale of courage, as one family, driven by a deep sense of justice and strong Christian principles, risked everything to fight for their home and their country.