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Toy Boy

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January 2018
About the book: 
From the moment 26-year-old Tristan Hansen steps out of the shower and onto the roof garden of his Maboneng loft, Toy Boy  pulsates with eroticism. The air is hot and humid, and there’s a Joburg thunderstorm brewing on the horizon. The first flashes of lightning illuminates Tristan’s spectacular flat and the riches it contains: gifts of thanks from his many clients, tokens of their appreciation. Because Tristan is an angel of pleasure, an exclusive escort to Johannesburg’s rich and powerful women. And he is one of a kind.
At how the enigmatic Tristan were trained in the art of lovemaking his clients can only guess. He seldom speaks of those who helped him shake off the strictures of his conservative mother who had to raise him on her own when his father committed suicide. Christina, his first love, and their story set far off in a small Italian village, he also keeps to himself.
But how did Tristan end up here? Who were those women who taught him all he knows? And who is the mystery caller who keeps on phoning and whose calls are filled with menacing silence?
Twenty years ago, Leon van Nierop published his Afrikaans bestseller Plesierengel. Toy Boy,  published in Afrikaans and English, is its prequel.
Ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar as Katelknaap.
CLICK HERE  to read an extract from Toy Boy.
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About the Author

Leon van Nierop (born 1953), the author of more than twenty novels, is a prolific South African writer, journalist, presenter, actor and film critic best known for creating and writing numerous radio and television series including Ballade vir ’n EnkelingStralejakkers  and Ratels.

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