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A Veld Friends Adventure 2: Walter the Warthog Makes a New Friend

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September 2021
About the book: 
Friendship is everything, even if you’re a bit of a wild one like Walter the Warthog.
Walter the Warthog and Sindele the Stork live in a world of two. But is there room for someone new? Find out in this classic South African tale (which will have you smiling without fail.)
Veld Friends is a series for kids of all ages set around the Waterhole and starring a loveable cast of uniquely South African animals, including Sindele the Stork, Mandla the Hippo and Beukus the Baboon. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want to hold your nose for a while when Walter farts. Is there anything more fun than reading a Veld Friends story with a kid? Probably not. 
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