Classy Bird Blog

About us

You might think it's a trifle obnoxious. Calling our blog Classy Bird and all that.

But all we mean (in a very humble way of course) is that penguins in general are known to be pretty classy animals and we like to think that our books are pretty much the same. You know that when you buy a Penguin Random House book you're getting your hands on something that's guaranteed to make your life a little easier, funnier, enlightening, interesting or just plain entertaining. 

As our tagline says, Classy Bird will be a blog mostly about books. New ones or classic ones, books that are proudly South African or by authors further ashore. It will be our way of telling you what's happening in the world of publishing in South Africa: be it an author event near you, a great giveaway we're running at the moment or simply a review of a brand new book.

We'd like it to be a place book-lovers can meet, gather and chat about all things book-related. If you're keen to get involved, please feel free to email us with an idea, story or review - we'd love to hear from you.