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The Wonders of Southern Africa’s Ancient Kingdoms
14 September 2021
Palace ruins are a heritage that can be shared by all with considerable pride in the achievements of our African ancestors, writes Mike Main, management consultant, freelance writer and lay archaeologist who has spent over 40 years exploring Botswana and its neighbours. Mike is also the co-author of ­Palaces of Stone, along with Thomas Huffman...
12 Books to Celebrate South Africa’s Heritage
10 September 2021
      In honour of South Africa's heritage day, we've rounded up the books that embrace its culture and diversity with stories about its cities, new and old, its music and its food to its magnificent landscapes and indigenous natural world.         The Tearoom by Gretchen Haley Meet...
The Waddle's Top 10 Stories of the Year So Far
11 August 2021
The Waddle is where penguins and people babble about books, and with the range of features – advice, inspiration, recipes, columns and extracts galore – there’s something for every book lover. Here are the most popular features so far this year, as chosen by you!     1. The 21 Must-read Books of 2021 So Far...
Rebuilding the African Penguin Population
12 July 2021
With the very first National Marine Protected Areas Day coming up on the 1st of August, #EveryPenguinCounts, writes Trudi Malan, conservation manager of the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary.   Disappearing Lines   The African penguin is disappearing from the landscape everywhere in Southern Africa but the situation on Dyer...
Turn the Page on Climate Change
12 July 2021
  Eight ways you can help save the planet. _______________________________________________________________________________     A Life on Our Planet by David Attenborough...


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