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Beachcombing offers so much more than just seashells and driftwood
30 September 2021
Beachcombing  is more than a healthy exercise, writes Rudy van der Elst, author of Beachcombing in South Africa. It stimulates curiosity, improves scientific understanding and often presents the beginning of an exciting adventure or investigation.     “AS A MARINE BIOLOGIST I have been fortunate to have had access to some...
Q&A with Rationality Author Steven Pinker
30 September 2021
Steven Pinker, the great defender of human progress, having documented how the world is not falling apart, now shows how we can enhance rationality in our lives and in the public sphere. Rationality  is the perfect toolkit to seize our own fates. In this Q&A with Pinker, he goes into more detail about the book, and rationality itself....
Jamie Oliver Talks About His Brand New Cookbook, Together
25 August 2021
Together  takes the stress out of cooking by teaching you hacks to get organised and get ahead. Inspirational but practical, Together  is about comfort, celebration, creating new memories and, above all, the sharing of mouth-watering food. In this interview with Jamie, he speaks about family, off the cuff hosting and his favourite...
Q&A with A Slow Fire Burning Author, Paula Hawkins
25 August 2021
Paula Hawkins is author of the runaway bestseller, The Girl on the Train, and her new thriller, A Slow Fire Burning, is equally as gripping. She chatted to The Penguin Post about bad crime writing finding inspiration and being an author during a pandemic.   PP. You’ve said that Miriam’s story is a twist on something you read in...
One minute with… Imraan Coovadia
25 August 2021
The Poisoners is a history of four devastating chapters in the making of the region, seen through the disturbing use of toxins and accusations of poisoning circulated by soldiers, spies, and politicians in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Author Imraan Coovadia chatted to The Penguin Post about the book, reality versus fiction and the evil that men do...


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