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VIDEO: My Name is Yip Author, Paddy Crewe
11 May 2022
We’re thrilled to introduce you to Yip Tolroy, the unlikely hero of the brilliant debut novel, My Name Is Yip. A social outcast and medical anomaly growing up in the toughest of worlds, Yip’s voice is captivating from the very first page.     My name is Yip Tolroy & I am a mute. I have made not a sound since the day...
The Books that Influenced Some of our Favourite Authors
10 May 2022
From Jonathan Kellerman’s favourite and the novel Marlon James can’t write without to the story that started Bonnie Garmus journaling and the one that made Sam Lloyd want to be a writer, here are the books that had the biggest influence on some of our favourite authors.              ...
Q&A with Lessons in Chemistry Author Bonnie Garmus
14 April 2022
Bonnie Garmus is the author of Lessons in Chemistry, a story of hope and staying true to yourself with an iconic heroine, the unconventional, uncompromising Chemist, Elizabeth Zott. Bonnies chats here about her own involvement in science, the whooshing sound a boat makes and the women she admires.     ON DOGS IN BOOKS I...
Q&A with When We Were Birds Author Ayanna Lloyd Banwo
16 March 2022
When We Were Birds is a gorgeously immersive, mesmerising and life-affirming literary debut – a love story and a ghost story set in modern-day Trinidad. In this Q&A, author Ayanna Lloyd Banwo chats about creating fictionalised places, the book that had the most profound influence on her and being invisible.     The sense...
Marian Keyes on Writing
10 February 2022
Marian Keyes’ writing is warm, witty and fearlessly honest with characters and relationships that are so relatable, we see them in ourselves, our friends and our own family. Sheer storytelling magic. But with 15 novels (and her long-anticipated sequel to Rachel's Holiday - Again, Rachel - is out now!), how does she seem to just...


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