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The Wise Investor: The beginners guide to making money on the stock market

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August 2022
About the book: 
The stock market is the golden goose that the rich rely on to stay rich. That’s why so many people believe that the stock market is an exclusive club, or that only professionals understand it well enough to succeed. But those days are long gone, and investing is more accessible than ever, as The Wise Investor proves. In this book, bestselling author Moroka Modiba demystifies and simplifies investing in the stock market, lifting the curtain to reveal how straightforward it can be. The secret is already out there: buy low and sell high. The big questions are what to buy and when to buy. This book provides those answers and many more, using ordinary language to teach you to make informed investments that will enrich your life and those of your loved ones.
This is a book that readers of all ages will have wished they’d read earlier. With the wisdom provided in its pages, they’ll be able to invest with confidence and practise the patience required to get the best returns, knowing that it’s not about timing the market, but time in the market, that leads to investment success. The Wise Investor is essential reading for financial novices of any age who need a trustworthy and accessible guide to the stock market.
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