The Low-Carb Recipes You Need In Your Life Right Now
12 March 2021
After Vickie De Beer's son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, her solution was to completely switch her family’s meals to low-carb. It worked and, now an advocate for low-carb living, Vickie is out with her third book on the subject, Low-Carb Express.   Read an extract from the book, plus try out two of her delicious and...
Demystifying the myths and misconceptions that still swirl around a low-carb, high-fat diet
11 March 2021
In the time of COVID-19, when the fatality rate for people with comorbidities like obesity and diabetes seems to be much higher when they contract the virus, Tim Noakes and Marika Sboros dispense invaluable dietary advice in their new book, The Eat Right Revolution.    Plus, try out their recipes for banting bread, seed crackers...
A Nutritious and Healing Recipe from HEAL – Begin with Food
18 February 2021
After the success of her first book WHOLE – Bowl Food for Balance,  Melissa decided to dive deeper into health and look at why we make the food choices we do. HEAL – Begin with Food  is about that journey and aims to share information on how to eat healthier, support the body’s various systems, heal ailments,...
Festive Food with Siba Mtongana
17 November 2020
Culinary extraordinaire, Siba Mtongana, shares the recipes for her delicious honey-glazed gammon and mouth-watering trifle, with a twist. Siba is the author of cookbooks Welcome to my Table and her latest, Let’s Cook, out now.   “The stars of our Christmas menu are always my honey-glazed gammon and my...
Jamie's back with new achievable, exciting and tasty recipes
30 September 2020
Simply can’t get enough of Jamie’s cooking skills? Then dig in to these three recipes from his latest book, 7 Ways   Jamie's done his homework and looked at the top ingredients we buy week in, week out. We're talking about those meal staples we all pick up on autopilot - chicken breasts, salmon...


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